RS422 Driver Board

Here is some serious stuff I do for living. Nature of the contracts with my clients forbids me to show anything more than these artistic photos, stylish 3D models and sometimes PCB layout excerpts. If you like what you see, why not contact me with your project ideas!


That converts weak digital input signal into the full RS422 output.


Weirdly shaped MP3 Player


..that was supposed to get incorporated into the spine of the book, for musical reading experience.

LVDS Buffer & Switch


This is a rather nasty 4 Gbps interface for a Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) modem unit that switches between 18 channels in total. There was a bunch of high-speed signaling considerations and my head burned from plenty of rising/falling time concerns.

Inertial Motion Unit in Actuator Control


This circuit interfaces 8-bit microcontroller with a MEMS acc./gyro unit to control a certain secret type of an actuator. Measured data is sent to outer world via USB. Rather simple thing, but I needed to manually solder some nasty QFN-44 components. Without reflow oven.

1 GHz Detector



You won’t believe but this thing detects 1 GHz signal. In loga-freakin-rithmic scale. From all the way down to -70 dBm. This weird geometry thing that occupies more than a half of the board is distributed elements filter I wrote about here.


Microwave Power Amplifier


Ever though your microwaves could use some muscle? This perfectly natural amp will do the job better than any steroids your gym friends could tell. Custom made bandpass filters and a lot of painstaking hand matching. I also managed to distrub a local telecom once I plugged in an antenna.


ARM Ethernet Interface


All of us need somebody sometimes, even ARM microcontrollers. Let the poor guy meet a soulmate via Ethernet. Whole bunch of BGA components and cca 12 layers, but luckily the company did all the soldering.



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